Monday, July 9, 2012

Boost your Roost Entry-Back Patio

Here’s our entry for BOOST YOUR ROOST Welcome to Oklahoma, this is our 3 bdrm/2 bath foreclosure on 2.5 acres which we purchased 4 years ago. We’ve done a lot so far… This spring we managed to save enough money to redo our roof with blue metal (Let’s not mention the hot water tank flood that ruined our new pergo flooring please) Now here’s our dilemma…we do not have enough $$$ to cover our back patio.
As you can tell by the photos, there is a rock wall all the way around, a very rotten wood patio, and lots of toys for our three year old little boy. We just removed the air conditioning unit and we want to expand the back patio all the way to the side of the house. My wish list is: 1) to have a nice covered outdoor kitchen area where we can sit/BBQ and watch football-closed in what do you think? 2) a new deck- ours is rotting. I’d like a place where our little guy can play with his cars/toys in his bare feet. 3) new eaves with outdoor lighting. 4) no rock walls please- not with a toddler. I’d use the rocks for a fireplace at the end facing north which would block the cold north wind in the winter. 5) remove the trees make a nice place to park-some gravel in the drive? 6) expand my bedroom and move the door-I REALLY need a bigger closet. In sum, We love it here! We love to be outside! (My husband of 14 years really needs a break from the hubby do list) I read a lot of blogs but I don’t Twitter and I don’t Facebook, I do love Pinterest. I would greatly appreciate your votes for our project.

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Lakisha Autin said...

I agree that the cost is somewhat the usual concern when doing a roofing project. I suggest that you contact a roofing company to get a free estimate for your patios so that you can have an idea for the overheads. That way, you can start putting some checks on your wish list! 

Lakisha Autin